A lot of people naghahanap ng anything that can add to their income. Especially during this time.

Sobrang daming option, yet, bakit wala kang mapili kahit isa?

You have a strong desire to start, but with all the options, why are you still stuck?

Well, the answer is, you don’t know what you want and most probably, you don’t know what you need.. Yet.

Here are the things you need to consider to start:

This is very important in choosing a business, because this is the starting point where you have to think through.

How much budget do i have?
How much budget I am willing to put in.

You need to choose a business according to what you currently have. Or something you can possibly provide.

Once you identified this, whether you have big amount of money or less, you have to consider the next two:


You need to decide whether you will:

Serve a basic NEED: All people can possibly be your customer (Eg. Food)
Serve a NICHE: Just a group of people who need what you offer (Eg. Dog food 😀 Haha, yun una ko naisip)

The good thing about a need is that everyone can be your client, the good thing naman about a niche is that you can target a specific group of people that actually has a specific need.

SO you need to decide who you want to work with. 🙂

Okay, so you now have a budget, and you know that people will actually buy it, but is it something you can do?

The third thing is, it has to be:

When choosing a business, you need to consider that it has to be something you know and familiar with. This way, it will be easier and you will be confident starting and continuously do it along the way. And if it is something you have minimal idea, at least find someone to guide you along the way. Finding a good mentor is a great place to start. 

If it is a basic need, you can do it immediately because you know how to do it, or if it a niche, it is something that is a hobby, or something that you have an experience with.

Whew 🙂 Okay.

Now that you know, the three things you need to consider.. Let me tell you the most important thing you need to do right now:

And that is the courage to start.

If you have started your own business.. I’m proud of you.
And to people na magsstart palang, We will be cheering for you


If you need a business that is within your budget, a basic need and is doable, you have to consider starting a Buffalo WIngs business.

Most of our clients are earning an income thru:

1. Adding Buffalo WIngs in the menu of their restaurant or cafe thru take out/ delivery
2. Some are repackaging and rebranding the sauces so they can resell.

Why did they choose Buffalo WIngs?

1. It is within their budget.
Some of them started with just 2000 to start their own home based delivery business. And now, since they started, they are now profiting 3000-5000 per day. And in a month,  90,000 is a possibility.

2. Buffalo WIngs is a basic need.
All they do when they started is take photos of Buffalo Wings and Posted it on their Facebook Wall, pages, groups and their GC. After a while, they have lots of inquiries, and lots of sales.

Now, they still post on they wall, but mostly ng clients nila ngayon are from repeat customers who ordered again and again, and though word of mouth, dahil nirefer na ang Buffalo WIngs sa mga kakilala nila because of the taste.

Remember, good product is something that you will refer to other people. And our Buffalo WIngs Sauce is exactly like that.

3. Buffalo Wings is doable.
It’s very simple. Para ka lang nag prito ng fried chicken. But the special thing about it is the delicious and flavourful sauces. Big restaurants are using our sauces, why? Because of the quality and the delicious experience it provides.

Because, at the end of the day, quality still win.

So, if you are looking for a simple and doable business that you can to start immediately even in quarantine, send us a private message and ask what ever question you have in mind. We will be more than happy to help you accomplish the goals you have. 

If you want to know how to start A Buffalo Wings Business, you can start watching the Free Webinar tutorial to properly start your journey: https://primesignaturesauces.com/seminar

Authored By: Jen De Rosales

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