Any business needs a system. Just like anything else that you want to run for a long time, business also requires essential components to run smoothly with minimum supervision.

Here are 7 ways that you be sure that you have a continuous customers for your food business.

  1. An active facebook or instagram page.

This means that you need to create engaging and attention-getting posts on your social media accounts. It might be testimony from your previous clients, new flavors, or mouthwatering graphics that will make your customers take their phones and order from you.

Facebook or instagram pages became a pool of testimonies from other people where they base their decisions. As a business owner, you need to maximize the benefit of that and make sure that it works on your favor.

2. Beautifully designed website

One way that your customer can look at your business is through your social media accounts. However, nothing creates a sense of legitimacy more than having a beautifully and professionally designed website.

Your website must include the following pages: Home page, About us page, Contact us page, testimonies, and your menu. You can also show your mission and vision on your website and the stories on how you got where you are now.

Having a website gives your customers a bigger picture of why your business exists and how people benefit from your company.

3. Ordering system

Let say you have captivated your customers in your posts and your website and they are now ready to buy from you, how can they order?

Having an ordering system in place where your customers can smoothly choose from your menu and add up things on their orders will surely increase your sales.

50% of interested customers are dropped due to complicated ordering system. No matter how eager they are to buy from you, if they got frustrated in the process of ordering, this will reflect in your sales.

Ordering system also minimizes the back and forth messaging from your customers and you. In a nutshell, it saves you a lot of time to have an ordering system because it navigates your customers until they placed their orders.

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4. Accounting Structure

Having a business will inevitably force you to face the hardest subject that most people dread. Accounting.

Truth be told, accounting might seem complicated but it is actually simple if you know what are the things to look at.

I would strongly suggest to hire an accountant who will look at your financial reports from time to time. They are relatively cheaper than not knowing if your are earning or not.

You can hire accountants from Php 3000 to Php 7000 a month depending on their scope of work. They can also guide you on how to record your expenses and sales in a way that they can analyze easily.

Too many start up businesses neglect the importance of having an accountant or an accounting structure. It is like wanting to measure something without a ruler or tape measure.

You cannot navigate in business without knowing the status of your finances.

5. Efficient Operation

When we say operation in business it is how we create the product or render services for our clients.

In food industry, it starts after we received the order from our customers. How fast can we prepare and deliver the products? This will reflect on how efficient our operation is.

To do that, it is very important to have a standard of operations or other people call operations manual. This is the step by step procedure of doing things in your business from food preparation, ingredients for each dish, how long to cook the dish, how to pack the orders, how to deliver the orders.

Operation manual also covers part of accounting like attendance and vouchers and banking and some part of marketing like answering queries and customer service.

6. Quality Product

At the end of the day, no matter how good you are in marketing, how strong your accounting structure is or how efficient your operations are, if you are not delivering the quality products that your customers expect, your business will eventually fail.

You might be able to get the first time customers but quality products will make they buy again and again. It means, having a quality product will make your business run a long course.

So make sure you are serving your customers the products that they truly deserve.

7. Grow as a Team

Make sure that everyone in your team is growing not only in areas where they are assigned but also in areas that are connected to their tasks. Also, be open to new ideas and ways of doing things.

Learn new ways to market your products, learn more efficient ways to provide better results and better services to your customers.

As you refine everything in your business and your team growing, it will not be a surprise if months or years from now you see yourself expanding to new markets or new locations.

“The only guarantee that the future is better, is that you are growing today.” -John Maxwell

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Author: Jay De Rosales

Jay De Rosales is a Mechanical Engineer turned businessman. His passion and business and his desire to help other people start their own businesses fuel his work as an entrepreneur. He started his company last 2014 and he has vast experience in manufacturing, distribution and franchising.

He has been invited to business conferences as a speaker and mentor. He conducts seminars and coaching sessions for aspiring businessmen and entrepreneurs.

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