How to attend free online seminar?

1. Choose type of seminar here
2. You can choose your preferred time of seminar:
Every day at 6 PM (Register to receive the link in your email before 6 PM)
Or watch the seminar immediately by choosing the “Yesterday’s Replay” (You will be routed to the seminar immediately)
3. Choose any of the time zone (Singapore/Perth)
4. Enjoy the seminar where you can learn how to start or grow your current business!

Do you have sample sauces so I can taste the sauce?

Yes. We have sample sauces available in our website:
20 pcs sample of 60ml with 1 kg breading (bestseller sample) : See here:
12 pcs sample of 30ml each: See here:
5 pesos sample: See here:


What are the available sizes of sauces and marinades and breading? And how much can it coat?

Available sizes are:
1 Gallon (3.8 liters) can coat 33-35 kg and can be converted to 15,000 pesos sales
1 Liter : can coat 10-13 kg
500 ml: can coat 5-7 kg
350 ml: can coat 3-4 kg
Sample package (60ml each) : can coat 10-15 pcs (using food brush)
Mini sample (30 ml each): can coat 5 pcs (using food brush)
Breading-1 Kg: Can coat 10-15kg

What are your other products aside from Sauce, Marinades and Breadings?

We have available equipment and materials like electric deep fryer, plastic hand gloves, food brush for Sauce coating, wax paper, paper boxes for take out, serving tray and many more. See here for full product list

What is the shelf life of Sauce/Marinades and Breading?

Six (6) months shelf life. So no need to worry even if your location is far, because our products has long expiration time. And the best thing is, No need to put in fridge. It can be stored in room temperature.

What are the best sellers?

For Spicy Flavors: Signature Blazing Hot, Spicy Garlic Butter, Spicy Honey, Oriental Srirachia, Fiery Buffalo, Spicy Carribean, Premium Kebab
For Sweet Flavor: Sesame BBQ, Garlic Barbecue, Premium Teriyaki, Hickory, Korean BBQ

What are the other uses of the sauce?

You can use the sauce for any fried and grilled meat like bagnet, sisig, chicken nuggets, stir fry noodles, fried tofu, burgers, siomai and many more for business and personal use. Most of our clients business grow and increase their sales by using the sauces and marinades because of the premium and unique flavours and delicious taste that their customers love.

How to prepare the buffalo wings (5 easy steps)

Very easy to do, convenient and fast!
Step 1: Cut the whole chicken wings in 2-3 parts
Step 2: Coat the chicken with premium breading only (no need to marinade)
Step 3: Deep fry in oil until golden brown then Drain.
Step 4: Using cooking brush, coat the entire wings with sauce
Step 5: Serve while hot or you can reheat the chicken with sauce in microwave or pan before serving. Enjoy!

To learn more about cooking, costing and profitability, you can join our free online tutorial here.

How much are the sauces?

For pricelist, you can check our shop here for full product and pricelist

How to Place Order?

Here is how you can conveniently place order:
1. Go to Shop
2. Choose product, select (+) for quantity and click “add to cart”
3. Once order is complete, click the shop icon in the right top corner and review your orders.
4. Click “Proceed to Checkout
5. Choose your preferred mode of delivery and click “Place Order” Check your email for confirmation of your order.

What are the modes of delivery?

We can deliver nationwide from Luzon Visayas and Mindanao through our trusted couriers like LBC, Lalamove/Grab, Cargo, trucking, bus shipping and even Cebu Pacific (You can indicate your Preffered mode of delivery) The delivery fee of abovementioned orders will be paid when you received your products. (Except for bus and plane)

For Bus shipping: Handling fee (150) and Bus Shipping Deposit (350, excess can be used as fund for next order)

What are the modes of payment?

You can settle your orders through cash upon pickup, BDO online/bank transfer, Palawan Express, 7/11 Kiosk, Gcash, Paymaya (See authorized list of payment details upon checkout)

How can i contact you?

These are our official contact numbers:
Landline: 709-24136
Delivery Hotline: 0915-216-4480
Visit us in our Office: 131 Stanford St, Cubao Quezon City (Waze: HDI Hive)
Visit Our Official Facebook Page here

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