There are a lot of ways to become successful in business, but one sure way to become one is through imitation or copying what other successful people do.

In our schools, they restrict copying in assignments and exams, but in real world, imitating and copying how a person became successful is one sure way to become like them.

The first thing you need to do is find someone that you want to become. Kind of like a role model. Then find out how he or she got there. Find out his morning routine, what he does to relax, how he thinks, what makes him creative, how he thinks about money, fame, family, giving, savings, and other things. How he comes up with new businesses and new ideas. If there is a chance to be mentored by him or her, go for it.

Get all the knowledge you can get from him and imitate it first. Make sure you think, act, speak and become as financially stable as him.

This is the training stage. It will take months or even years. Become like a slave if you can to him.

Once you reach a level when you are confident on what you have and what you know, you can now start to innovate. Learn new things, learn new ways, create your own ideas and execute them.

Build on the foundation of your mentor and rise from there.

This was proven by NLP expert Anthony Robbins in his book Unlimited Power and he called this way “modeling”.

If what you are right now doesn’t work for you, maybe you need a role model that can bring you to a higher level of success.

Author: Jay De Rosales

Jay De Rosales is a Mechanical Engineer turned businessman. His passion and business and his desire to help other people start their own businesses fuel his work as an entrepreneur. He started his company last 2014 and he has vast experience in manufacturing, distribution and franchising.

He has been invited to business conferences as a speaker and mentor. He conducts seminars and coaching sessions for aspiring businessmen and entrepreneurs.

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